Author: Lena Shatokhina

Singing Beethoven’s 9th in Musikverein, Vienna, 20.10.19

What could be better than listening to the unparalleled Ode to Joy by Beethoven? And then, coming out of Musikverein, enjoying the beautiful weather promised to us this weekend, taking a stroll through lovely Vienna parks, then surely stopping by some cozy restaurant? That is our plan: Beethoven’s 9th in Musikverein on the 20th of October 2019 at 11.a.m.. The conductor is Noriaki Kitamura.
Join along!

Stabat Mater

The halls of Slovak Philharmonic were filled with Dvořak’s Stabat Mater this Sunday. An hour and half of infinitely beautiful music could become boring, but not with such conductor. It was Juraj Valčuha with us this evening, a fantastical musician; he brought so much joy to the performers, and hopefully to the audience as well, that we can only hope he comes to Bratislava again. The thing that struck me the most during that concert was the pianissimo of both the orchestra and the choir: an absolute nirvana to experience. Keep in mind, though: you better check on the announcements regularly and as soon as you see his name, get those tickets – you won’t regret it!
P.S.: By the way, he has interned at the St. Peterburg Conservatory as well, so he’s nearly my compatriot! :)

© Elena Shatokhina