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“Lascia ch’io pianga” a fresh vision

We’ve done this! A fantasia on the topic of “Rinaldo” by Händel can be found on my YouTube channel. Big thanks to Paul Dubrovsky for the incredibly powerful composition; I’ve had so much fun and gained priceless experience participating in a new genre for me. I must admit, I’d love to keep it going; my mind is buzzing with ideas.

New record is on its way

Last week I’ve recorded a solo part for a piece that is soon going to be revealed to the public. I think the song turned out to be highly charged, and I’m very proud of the completed work. All this time the one working his magic alongside me was Paul Dubrovsky – a composer and a performer of his incredible works. As it often happens in life, we met by a chance, and you’ll hear what this meeting resulted into very soon – just a little bit of patience!

Happy New Year!

Dear friends, 2021 has arrived at last. Despite everything, the elapsed year has given me lots of artistic moments, many new friends and ideas. I’m incredibly happy that I’ve been able to carry on working, improving myself, changing and experimenting. There is so much marvellous music in this world, interesting new performers emerging each and every day and inspiring us to keep going forward. Folks, I wish you all good health, strength, self-fulfilment and for all your wishes to come true. Happy New Year!

Do you remember, dear friends, that I’ve promised to release a new recording soon? I haven’t forgotten about it; however, “a tale is soon told, but the deed isn’t soon done”. The work is in progress, and we’ll do our best to finish the project before the end of this year. We ourselves can’t wait to have a listen to how it’s gonna turn out. Keep an eye on the new announcements, it is going to be remarkable!

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