Massenet Lorsque le temps ďamour a fui

Welcome to the new season, everyone!

This summer was very good — I’ve spent it home, in Russia, surrounded by near and dear ones. However, apart from resting, I’ve managed to make acquaintance with a thoughtful musician, the amazing Irina Shcherbakova, and her apprentice Ivan Komarov. Together we’ve made recordings of two arias of Dulcinea from the opera Don Quichotte by Jules Massenet.

What a wonderful feeling that collaborative creation is; when all the participants put a part of their soul into the project, when new solutions come to mind during the rehearsals, and the composition starts shining with new colours! I cannot thank them enough for those artistic endeavours! And I hope we haven’t parted ways for long, as I already have new ideas for the next project.

You can watch the first recording, “Lorsque le temps d’amour a fui”, on my YouTube channel. The second part, “Alza! Alza! Ne pensons qu’au plaisir d’aimer”, can be found in the Audio section on my web page.




© Elena Shatokhina