A photoshoot with a new look

Despite the lockdown, we continue to work, to dream, to create! I’m preparing for a spring production of two Tchaikovsky operas with the Slovak Philharmonic — the Queen of Spades and Iolanta, which are going to be performed at festival in Baden-Baden. I’m looking forward to seeing you at that event!

Meanwhile, today I tried on new looks at a photographic studio; the results are going to be revealed in a week, keep an eye on my social media. The preparations of the promised recording are underway as well. As for the Christmas concerts, they’ve been cancelled. Unfortunate.


Massenet Alza!..Ne pensons qu’au plaisir ďaimer

Dear friends, I’ve posted a new recording on my YouTube channel.

Our collaboration has brought us so much joy that we’ve agreed to continue creating together. We have already chosen the pieces for our next project, and the recording sessions are supposed to begin at the start of 2022.

By the way, friends, do you have any suggestions for the future projects? Which arias or romances would you like to hear my interpretation of? Leave a comment below; I would love to see your ideas!


Massenet Lorsque le temps ďamour a fui

Welcome to the new season, everyone!

This summer was very good — I’ve spent it home, in Russia, surrounded by near and dear ones. However, apart from resting, I’ve managed to make acquaintance with a thoughtful musician, the amazing Irina Shcherbakova, and her apprentice Ivan Komarov. Together we’ve made recordings of two arias of Dulcinea from the opera Don Quichotte by Jules Massenet.

What a wonderful feeling that collaborative creation is; when all the participants put a part of their soul into the project, when new solutions come to mind during the rehearsals, and the composition starts shining with new colours! I cannot thank them enough for those artistic endeavours! And I hope we haven’t parted ways for long, as I already have new ideas for the next project.

You can watch the first recording, “Lorsque le temps d’amour a fui”, on my YouTube channel. The second part, “Alza! Alza! Ne pensons qu’au plaisir d’aimer”, can be found in the Audio section on my web page.




Neue Aufnahme: Prokofievs Romanze

Liebe Freunde, heute veröffentlichte ich meine neue Aufnahme in YouTube.

Die Vorbereitung und die Aufname namen mehrZeit, als es erwartet war, weil ich selbst Klavier spielte und die zweite Stimme sang. Das war für mich ein interessantes Experiment. Wenn ich Zeit in nächster Saison finde, lasse ich noch etwas aufnehmen. Jetzt lade ich Sie zum Hören von Prokofievs Romanze “Traum” ein.



Prokofiev’s birthday, folks!

Prokofiev’s birthday, folks!

On April the 23rd, exactly 130 years ago, a great innovator was born in Moscow, instilling “awe and terror“ into the contemporaries with his music, according to their memories. It is now that he is perceived as, say, Tchaikovsky, and even the world-renowned conductor Gergiev has called him “Mozart of the 20th century”. Back in his day, Prokofiev had been criticized very often, although his recognition was great as well — he’d been awarded six times with the highest award in the USSR alone!

The Slovak Philharmonic will not pass up Maestro’s anniversary. There are two performances of Alexander Nevsky Cantata planned for July 2021. The only thing that could get in the way are the quarantine regulations, which are hopefully going to be reconsidered by June.
As for me, I’m preparing several of Prokofiev’s romances for recording. Although this time, it is me who is performing the piano part. So I’m going to have a premiere as a pianist! Frankly speaking, the last time I’ve performed as an accompanist was back in the studentship days during a “vocalists-pianists are playing” concert, so I’m a little nervous. Just a tiny bit.

See you in the vast spaces of YouTube!

© Elena Shatokhina