The World Theatre Day

Today is the World Theatre Day, so I’m joining in congratulating and wishing all the best. Look at the photo I have found – from my first premiere in the Saratov Opera Theatre. “Rusalka” by Dargomyzhsky, 2003. The quality of the photo isn’t that good, but you can spot me wearing a crown with a holy image in hands.

Cancellation of the “Onegin” performance

Due to the Coronavirus situation in Slovakia, the performances in the Slovak theatres are cancelled, including our “Onegin” in Banská Bystrica on March the 24th 2020. Hopefully the situation isn’t that perilous as it seems, let the low numbers of confirmed cases stay low. I wish all the citizens of Russian, Europe, Asia and the whole world to keep the high spirits and stay healthy!

Shostakovich, Berlioz, Raiskin

Since January 2020 the Principal Conductor of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra is Daniel Raiskin. Maestro is conducting two concerts in Bratislava on February 27th and 28th 2020. The program includes an expressive symphony No. 6 by Dmitri Shostakovich. In the second part of the concert you’re going ot hear rarely performed Messe solenelle by Berlioz. About this mass is known that twenty-years-old Berlioz chose to throw the manuscript out, although by a fortuitous coincidence did a horrible job: the scripture survived.
We invite all the classical music enthusiasts to come and to contemplate from the height of the 21st century: did Berlioz make a wrong choice?

Russian music is always being received with joy in any country, capable of raising the spirits of anyone. What is even more pleasant, it’s when the whole audience is eagerly singing along to the songs dearly beloved by you since childhood, such as “Katyusha” or “Moscow Nights”.

© Elena Shatokhina