“L’Histoire du soldat” – the Tale of the Eternal

“The Soldier’s Tale”, a theatrical piece written by Stravinsky, was performed today in Bratislava. It is difficult to tell who won the spotlight – the chamber ensemble, the dancer or even the talented narrator Robert Roth. The Devil’s dark vibe was persuasive and the Soldier’s grief was filling the spectators with heartache in his interpretation. The intention of the composer was entirely fulfilled: the three features of the play were perfectly knit together as a single whole. Stravinsky’s music is very dear to me, and the pantomime along with the visual effects were simply gorgeous in their minimalism.

The last performance of this beautiful piece will take place tomorrow, on February the 17th 2019. Why not spend an interesting evening by listening to unique music and reflecting on the everlasting battle of good and evil? Be wary, thought – the virtues don’t win this time.

© Elena Shatokhina