“Rigoletto” in Banská Bystrica

Tomorrow, there will be a premiere of Verdi’s opera “Rigoletto” in the Statе Opera Theatre in Banska Bystrica. Today I had a chance to see a final rehearsal. Looking ahead, I want to congratulate performers and audience with an another great show. Beautiful, interesting, touching… A performance director is Anna Osipenko from St.- Petersburg. This is her second theatrical production in Slovakia. For the first time we met with Anya three years ago on a production of “Eugene Onegin” here in Banska Bystrica. She imposed upon all performance ensemble – strict and unwaiverig, full of great ideas. “Onegin” has surpassed all the expectations and the same I can say about “Rigoletto”. Very nice performance, must see.


Foto: Stefan Pišta Plevo

© Elena Shatokhina