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Eugen Onegin in Vienna

What a wonderful day, what a wonderful mood thanks to taking part in the production of Eugene Onegin in Vienna State Opera, which started on October the 25th, 2020!

For the first time ever I have worked in a role I have not expected to undertake: as a translator from Russian to Slovak. I’ve been translating to the Bratislava philharmonic choir, invited for this particular production. Dmitri Tcherniakov was engaged as a production director, and immediately charmed everyone with his energy and super positive mood, as well as touched our souls with his unique interpretation.

Needless to say, everyone has fallen in love with handsome Onegin (Andrè Schuen) and were genuinely in awe of Lensky (Bogdan Volkov) – incredible singers with masterful acting. Incredibly artistic Larina (Helene Schneiderman), the famous Larissa Diadkova  as the nanny. “A man you trust immediately and without deliberation” – Gremin (Dimitry Ivashchenko). Anna Goryachova – Olga; a very worthy vocal and acting performance, proud of my homelanders. Unfortunately, Tamuna Gochashvili became sick the day before the opening night, and was made up for by Nicole Car, an Australian soprano, who successfully solved all the tasks in hand.

And the choir! Thank you so much for your Russian, bravi!

Oof, these were three happy weeks, in spite of constant testing and obligatory mask wearing. I love the production process so much, and it’s a pity to say goodbye already!

A new challenge

Hello friends! I’ve started an experiment, which is so far a secret, but over the course of this month the work would be finished, and you’re going to hear a new recording. At the very minimum I can guarantee you unexpected emotions, so heads up for the announcement. Have a great September!

New recording of Lyubasha’s aria

My favourite character from Russian operas is Lyubasha from the Tsar’s Bride by Rimsky-Korsakov. Such a tragic image of a strong, forsaken woman.

When I was 15 years old, my first singing teacher gifted me a volume of arias, one of which was the Lyubasha’s aria (and that album’s still with me).

This aria was also a part of my graduation work, and it’s still a part of my concert life. I enjoy performing that music, and now I’m offering you a new recording of one of the arias.

© Elena Shatokhina