Duo of lutists in Bratislava

A couple of days ago we had the pleasure to listen to an incredible duo of lutists: Joachim Held (Germany) and Jan Čižmář (Czech Republic). The baroque music, deciphered manuscripts found in Austrian and Moravian castles – the above mentioned already implied a beautiful and pleasant evening. So I thought on our way to Pállfy Palace, but I didn’t expect I’d watch literal magic unfold before my eyes. Two hours of enchanting music of Telemann, Weichenberger, Falkenhagen, Losy and Weiss –  the composers who are little known to a wide audience, whose music is maybe very chamber and too slow for our insane times. But now of all times we need this music, which cleanses and heals the mind. I would even say that the concert felt like I visited a yoga class, but much better. Overall, it was a relaxation and an inspiration for me as an artist; such a new genre of music to fuel my creativity!


© Elena Shatokhina